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Surfboard Fins




Fall 2021



Surfboard Fins is a book that shows the history of surfboard fins. I wanted to create a fun booklet that showed the history behind an "artifact". The book begins with the history of surfing and the introduction of the fin by surfer Tom Blake. It then breaks down each main fin setup and when they were introduced. It concludes by acknowledging that surfers can be creative with their fin setups and try anything. 

During my process I created a moodboard and took inspiration from old surfing magazines and print publications. I drew inspiration from type layouts, clean images, and dynamic layouts. 

Natalie's Board - Moodboard.jpg


I drew most of my research from the Encyclopedia of Surfing by Matt Warsaw, which is a subscription-based media platform. The culture and real-world stories behind surfing exist in a niche place within print magazines and on the internet.


I sketched out the pages I wanted and moved onto lo-fi wireframing. 

Natalie's Board - Outline Sketch.jpg
Natalie's Board - Draft 1.jpg


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