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Visual Systems



Fall 2021



Circles is the posthumous album created by Mac Miller.  The album coincides with his previous work Swimming. The record describes Miller's struggles with anxiety, depression, and relationships. The record pans between dual feelings towards his life and the fleeting emotions he feels. Miller explains feelings of loss and confusion associated with the passage of time. The redesigned cover is my visual interpretation of the themes within the album. I also created an event called CirclesWKND, which is an online-only event meant to bring fans together and raise money and awareness for The Mac Miller Fund, which was created after he passed. I also created Spotify deliverables and a poster advertising CirclesWKND.

I broke down each song from the album and tried to note developed and repetitive themes. From here I drew sketches that reflected those themes. 



Along with the album, I created Circles WKND, an online-only event that features speakers and a listening party to better connect fans. The proceeds would go to The Mac Miller Fund, which is part of The Pittsburgh Foundation. Other deliverables for the project consist of Spotify banners, a poster advertising CirclesWKND, and instagram collateral. 

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