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Anna Grace Swim


Art Direction




Spring 2021 – Fall 2022


Anna Grace Swim is an independently owned swimwear company based in Jacksonville Beach, FL, and hand-makes functional, unique, and sustainable swimwear. I joined Anna's team and helped consult with business decisions, like choosing fabric and seasonal planning, art directed photoshoots, conducted photoshoots, and styled and organized models. I also helped her rebrand her business by creating new logos and rebranding social media with new graphics and captions. 

Logo Design

The previous logo was not legible and needed a fresh update that better visually  reflected the brand ideals. I grabbed inspiration from Anna's tattoos that reflect her love for nature and sustainability. I also wanted to show the hand-made aspect of the products made. 





Art Direction

I conceptualized this photoshoot, organized the models, and worked with the photographer, Mariel Wiley (@whatmarsees), to create this skating shoot. The weather that day was gloomy, but the girl-gang vibes were strong and Mariel did a great job shooting on film, because that was the look we wanted.


I conceptualized, organized, and photographed this shoot. Over coffee I met with Anna and told her my ideas of featuring the models and an El Camino, showing the reverse traditional gendered roles of car maintenance and bikini shoots. Anna loved the idea, so we ran with it. I organized the models, the setting, bikinis, the props, and the beverages. When I am shooting, I want to make sure that everyone is relaxed so that they can be themselves. This type of energy creates a fun, rowdy atmosphere where the photos come to life. 


I created social media captions, graphics, and planned posts. 

​"Big box swimwear companies create more plastic pollution through wasteful uses of materials and contribute to practices of unethical labor. Anna Grace Swim was started to provide functional swimwear using ethically sourced materials, like Econyl, which is regenerative nylon made from waste and is infinitely recyclable. Our handmade suits are made to order with love — our mission is to make you feel your best without neglecting the planet!"


"The Serenity Blue set looks great on, in the sand, and belongs in your closet. Available now on our website, link in bio."

New Feed 🌼✨

Old Feed

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While working with Anna Grace Swim, the Instagram following has grown by 70%. Anna Grace Swim also expanded into two local surf shops: Where Salt Meets Soul in Saint Augustine, FL, and Jax Surf & Paddle in Atlantic Beach, FL. 

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